Beautiful Barn Houses

barn house

Everyone wants a stylistically unique home. All the Instagram, Pinterest, and TV hype of remodeled and custom-built homes has given the next generation of home buyers unique inspiration to look beyond the ordinary when selecting or building a house. While there are a variety of trends on the move, a recent one that is becoming especially popular in rural areas are barn houses.

A barn house, as you might have guessed, is a house built to stylistically represent a barn! With all the trends in recent years gearing towards more “rustic” designs, a barn house is the perfect canvas for a beautiful, vintage, and rural home.

Barn House: Definition

A barn house is simply a home which has been structurally built to represent a barn. It does not refer exclusively to restored or remodeled barns. Thus, home owners have the option to customize and build their barn house however they see fit!

If you are looking to buy or build a barn house (or are just nosy for home design trends), here are some different styles to be on the lookout for!

The Traditionalist

We all love classic barn styles – the gambrel roof, red paint, and X-style doors. For many, this is the outer design they prefer for a barn house! However, you can customize the outer paint and design of the barn house as much as you’d like. It’s truly the structure and gambrel roof that contribute to this iconic style!

The Westerner

The “old western” barn is slightly different, yet no less iconic. It gives a unique design twist to the barn idea without abandoning the rustic and vintage quality of the house. Generally speaking, these homes are built with a dark-stained wood exterior and are seldomly painted. It adds to the rustic design and honors a classic style!


Regardless of which style you pick, you really can’t go wrong with a barn house. They are beautiful, iconic, rustic, and always unique! The best part is that you can either buy and remodel an existing barn or build these homes from scratch. This gives you the flexibility to represent a barn stylistically on the outside while designing the interior however you would like – you don’t need to use hay-bales in replacement of a couch…

barn house

Source: Morton Buildings

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