Best Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

farmhouse bedroom

Do you like farmhouse style but you are not living in a countryside? Not a problem at all! You can decorate your bedroom in farmhouse style even if you don’t live in a farm! You just need to follow some steps and use some elements that will create warm & welcoming country vibe.

Mix Old & New

Make sure to mix old & new decor elements or furniture while decorating farmhouse bedroom. You can even add some modern elements. New rough timber bed frame together with old mirror frame, modern coffee table together with old armchair, this kind of combinations will create “WOW” effect for your bedroom for sure! 

Wood Clad Walls 

We can loudly say that wood clad wall is a main accent of farmhouse bedroom. Usually white, but sometimes colored in soft brown or blue. This wall element add a homy touch that makes you feel x100 times better in your bedroom and we are pretty sure that it helps to fall asleep faster! 

Fluffy Quilt

We probably don’t need to tell you that, because it’s obvious, but just in case… Make sure to purchase a fluffy quilt it will be a final decor element in your farmhouse bedroom. It will not only make you warm during cold winter nights but also add an extra level of coziness.

Source:bridgewayscentedmarket instagram

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