Metal Home Decor Ideas

metal home decor

Metallic accessories can be very dramatic when chosen properly. If you want to add a touch of drama and elegance to your home, you will certainly want to use some nifty metal home décor ideas.

The first thing you need to consider is it pays to be understated in your choice of metal home décor accessories. Thus, it makes sense to go with an item that has a soft finish as it would prove to be an excellent addition to your rustic interiors. There should not be anything stopping you from freely combining different tones such as copper and gold as well as silver. All you need to do is stay close to accepted matte rules. 

Copper & Nickel

A rug made from metallic suede and hemp would prove to be an excellent addition to your room. Another option worth checking out is the copper dome pendant lamp. Other options available to those who want something very earthy include gilded metallic accessories such as a nice dinner plate or a candleholder made from nickel.

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Something glamorous

If you want to try something other than an earthy style, there are other options available to you. For example, you could think about choosing something more glamorous. This kind of metal home décor requires you to choose an item that plays up the polish with metals that are highly glossy. Such accessories catch the eye and bound light all around. Think of gold and silver as well as copper and brass as they all blend nicely provided you choose an item that is sleek. 

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If you want to go with a more ornate piece, then do not use more than a single metallic color.

Among the more glamorous items you can think of, be sure to go with an item such as a clock made from copper. Alternatively, you can also add a chair made from nickel. These are all items that are not only affordable but also very glamorous.

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High-wattage items

There are other options worth pondering about including those that are considered high-wattage items. You could for example think about adding a table lamp made from a bright metal or a bowl made out of brass would also prove to be a worthwhile addition.

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Love modernity?

Those of you who love modernity will have plenty of options. Just make sure you go with a piece that is light and also very airy. Examples of modern items include open pendants and wire tables. They offer a clean effect.

When choosing metal home décor items, keep in mind that it involves something more than a picture frame or light fixture. However, it bears keeping in mind that if you do not pay special attention to what you choose, you can really screw things up. If you go overboard (even slightly) you can create a very garish and gaudy interior. Here is a brief look at how you can get things right.

First of all, you should be as subtle as possible. Second, do not be afraid of mixed metals and third, you need to limit the number of metals you mix. Fourth, consider the room when choosing your metal home décor and last but not least, be extra careful with brass.

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