Metal Kitchen Is A New Trend

Redesigning your home can be a daunting task – there are so many possibilities in regard to style, room, and theme that you can go for with any interior design project. Perhaps one of the most commonly updated rooms in a household is the kitchen, and for good reason. It always seems as though kitchen design is at the forefront of interior design trends, with various colors and materials making their way in and out of style on a frequent basis.

Today, a very popular style involves metal kitchen designs. Metal is a great material for kitchens since it is sleek, classy, easy to clean, and vibrant in reflection and appearance! If you are looking to redesign your kitchen this season, here are a few ideas on how you can incorporate metal in your kitchen.

Metal Kitchens: The New Design Trend

There isn’t any “one way” to incorporate metal into a kitchen. Between cabinets, tables, appliances, and countertops, there are tons of ways that you can pull a new design flavor into your kitchen.

  • Metal Handles

If you would like to incorporate metal into your kitchen, but are on a low budget, swapping out your cabinet and drawer handles is an easy and cost-effective method to do so! Plus, there are endless design styles for handles, so you’re bound to find a chrome cabinet handle that matches your kitchen’s theme.

  • Countertops

Metal countertops are sort of becoming the new norm in modern kitchen design. While it’s a bit more of a pricey project, there’s no doubt that a metal countertop will cost you significantly less than any stone or marble alternative.

  • Appliances

Everyone knows that metal appliances are a luxury item in interior design today. They make a statement in a kitchen and add an extra level of class to your home. Just know that chrome or metal appliances will require you to dig into your pockets a bit more than usual!


Interior design can be a lot of work, but as we both know, in the end it’s completely worth it. If you are looking to make your house a bit more modern and classier, consider the addition of metal to your kitchen! It can be as simple as swapping out cabinet and drawer handles to a complete redesign of countertops and appliances – the choice is yours.

Metal Kitchen

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