Top 9 Metal Garage Projects That You Have To See

Metal garage

If you need an extra space at home or you have a land-plot where you need to storage your stuff- you have to build metal garage! The best part is that they could even have a living quarter too. That could be perfect if time to time you have big family meeting events and need extra place for your guests.

Metal garage has a lot of pros, they are durable, easy to build, it usually takes only few days to build it and they could be very beautiful too.

Here are top 11 metal garage projects we simply love:

#1 Tiny & Lovely

#2 Classic Light & Dark Brown

#3 Double garage with living quarter

#4 Metal Garage with Tiny Porch

#5 High Ceiling Metal Garage

#6 Open Gabel Roof Beauty

#7 Green Roof Looks Amazing!

#8 Living Quarter With Porch Metal Garage

#9 Bigger Metal Garage

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